Land Mobile Services (LMS)

Terrestrial Land Mobile Services Model (LMS): is a package of empirical models for terrestrial land mobile services. The models, Okumura-Hata/ITU-R 529, COST 231 and Okumura-Hata-Davidson, are based on extensive propagation measurements done by Okumura et al in Japan. The input parameters are frequency, distance, base and mobile antenna heights, transmitted power, percent time and location, and environment. Path loss in dB and received field strength in dB mV/m are calculated for one specific distance or over a range of distances. Graphs can be plotted for path loss or field strength for all models and measured data, if available, can be displayed on the same graph. Field strengths for individual models can be plotted vs. distance for different base antenna heights. The graphs can be updated for a new set of input parameters from an interactive dialog box.

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